Monday, November 14, 2005

Daryl's Bio

It’s been a long and exciting road that has led to my current life in beautiful Pemberton, BC. It all started in the sticks of northern Ontario where my two brothers and I played on the beautiful lakes during the summer months; fishing, water skiing, cliff jumping and rope swinging. As summer turns to fall we polish our guns and occupy ourselves hunting big game and water fowl. During the winter … you guessed it, we ski! I learned to ski on the 300 ft Mt. Evergreen, and when the hill wasn’t open we would tow behind our snowmobiles into jumps.

After high school I attended the University of Lethbridge, which allowed me to ski four days a week in Fernie, BC. It was there that, while living in a camouflage camper, I developed a love and appreciation for the mountains. After half a decade I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology, and a Bachelor of Education. I then worked as a junior- high Athletic Director / Phys Ed. and Math teacher. It was an amazing position, but I still had a master’s degree in skiing to fulfill, and in 2004 I joined my brothers in Whistler, BC.

The past 4 years I’ve been exploring and skiing the Coast Range Mountains via snowmobile, and skiing Whistler/Blackcomb resorts and backcountry. Additionally, I’ve been travelling throughout Canada and the United states for freeskiing competitions, and shooting with photo and film crews; pretty much having the time of my life, and living out my childhood dream.

I do have a real job to support this addictive lifestyle. I am a substitute teacher at the high schools in the Whistler area, and am a carpenter during the summer.

The plan from here is to continue this fulfilling lifestyle as long as possible, exploring new areas to ski, including Alaska, Europe, and more of South America.

I hope my passion for the mountains is contagious, inspiring you to leave your computer and go play in the hills.

Ski on,