Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Returning Older and Wiser

Back in my late 20s, I was in this frigid cauldron, spending a day's worth of energy climbing the deep snow of the north face. This time bro Dave and I returned with a different game plan.

Accompanied by Jon Johnson, Chris Christy, and Joe Joeseph Lax we started early; making like a mullet and attacking from the back. The day seemed all too easy, strolling up the south side in sunny firm snow, then shredding sweet steep spines down through the crevasse and cerac fields.

A gem like Mt. Swensan/Swanson doesn't always present itself this easily, which is why few have experienced it's thrill. Years of recons, Google earth,a tested and trusted crew, proper snow and weather conditions, and God's blessing all came together for this successful day.